4# Atelier Bow Wow
Momoyo Kaijima
Atelier Bow Wow
Audimax 19.00 Uhr

"Architectural Behaviorology is our architectural design methods, in which we focus on creating the better accessibility to such local resources. Through the lens of ethnographical network, we cultivate the local resources to rediscover unconscious and invisible relationships among them, and then activate them by proposing architectural design." https://kaijima.arch.ethz.ch http://www.bow-wow.jp

Gestaltung: das Kollektiv; Nora Keilig

HORIZONTE WS1920 04 MomoyoKaijima screen
3# c/o-now
Tobias Hönig, Andrijana Ivanda, Markus Rampl, Paul Reinhardt, Duy An Tran
Oberlichtsaal 19.00 Uhr

"c/o now is a Berlin architectural practice taking care of imagining and realizing objects, architecture and urbanity, as well as the editorial revision of related issues." www.co-now.eu

Gestaltung: das Kollektiv; Phillip Niemeyer

HORIZONTE WS1920 03 co now screen
2# AForschung
Francisco Veiga
Audimax 19.00 Uhr

"Francisco Moura Veiga is an architect and an editor. He is the principal of A Forschung, the founder of Publishing in Architecture and of CARTHA Magazine. He is a teaching and research assistant at the VOLUPTAS Chair at the ETH Zürich." https://aforschung.com

Gestaltung: das Kollektiv; Jannis Uffrecht

HORIZONTE WS1920 02 FranciscoVeiga screen
1# Something Fantastic
Elena Schütz
Something Fantastic
Audimax 19.00 Uhr

„Something Fantastic is an undisciplinary architectural practice committed to smart, touching, simple architecture. The firm’s agenda is based on the idea that architecture is affected by everything and vice versa –does affect everything– and therefore working as architects implies a broad interest and involvement in the world.“

Gestaltung: das Kollektiv; Elisa Breyer

HORIZONTE WS1920 01 SomethingFantastic screen