Planning together: Survery concerning the guideline

Dear students, dear university staff, dear professors,
We would like to invite you to take part in our survey to develop guidelines for
participation in the planning of construction projects at the Bauhaus-
Universität Weimar. Due to the criticism that surrounded the campus redesign in
front of the Main Building, we have decided to address the issue of participation
through the seminar "Gemeinsam Planen?!" (engl.: "planning together?!") in which
students from different faculties develop guidelines for participation in the process
of construction projects at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. This seminar is a
Bauhaus.Module at the chair of Urban Studies and Social Research. The guidelines
for participation aim to avoid conflicts before and during prospective construction
projects and allow for more participation.

In order to involve all of you in the process of developing these guidelines, we invite
you to take part in our survey on participation. The survey* will take about 10
minutes of your time and is available until 20 December 2019 at the following link:
The results of the survey are essential for the development of the
guidelines for participation, which will be presented and discussed on 15 January 2020 from 3:30 pm to 6 pm. You are cordially invited to attend our presentation and take part in the discussion! The location for the presentation will be announced soon.

We look forward to your responses and thank you in advance for your
participation in the survey.

Kind regards,
Maximilian Theye, Franziska Felger and Malena Rottwinkel

*The survey is carried under the data protection regulations (DSGVO), which means
that your data is protected under the law. Your anonymized data will not be shared
with third parties and are going to be deleted within one year. The persons in charge
of the survey are Moritz Twente and Franziska Felger (

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