Student Council Elections 2021 – Candidates A&U

counted ballots: 208
voter turnout: 19,1% (total: 15,5%)

122 votes Johanna Roth (B.Sc. Architektur)
086 votes Max Hoffmann (B.Sc. Urbanistik)
085 votes Jenny Oltmann (B.Sc. Urbanistik)
080 votes Bastian Bentrup (B.Sc. Urbanistik)
080 votes Anna Paulina Graf (B.Sc. Urbanistik)
075 votes Lena Prade (B.Sc. Urbanistik)
073 votes Roman Müller (B.Sc. Urbanistik)
073 votes Marvin Krämer (M.Sc. Urbanistik)
067 votes Philipp Havemann (B.Sc. Urbanistik)
059 votes Lisa-Marie Kramer (B.Sc. Urbanistik)
052 votes Valentin von der Haar (B.Sc. Urbanistik)
046 votes Enya Christeleit (B.Sc. Urbanistik)
040 votes Hanna Tost (B.Sc. Urbanistik)
039 votes Carl-Jim Bohlen (B.Sc. Urbanistik)
033 votes Nikolas Peschel (B.Sc. Urbanistik)

You can check the results by using our voting software or the proceedings of the ballot count meeting.

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Bild Bastian
Bastian Bentrup
Urbanistik B.Sc.My name is Bastian Bentrup, I am 30 years old and study Urbanistik (B.Sc.) in the second semester. Before I went to Weimar for my studies, I worked as a psychic nurse and was involved as a staff council representative for apprentices.
During this current situation I feel like it is of utmost importance that we, as students, stay in touch and support each other. Therefore, I would like to support you by implementing your/our wishes and interests into the different participation formats of our university and support you during your studies.
Bild Jenny
Jenny Oltmann
Urbanistik B.Sc.There would actually be a cool rhyme here, but it sadly doesn’t work in English, so…I am Jenny and I currently study Urbanistik in my forth semester. During the last legislature I have already had the opportunity to gain an insight into the work of the FsRAU and StuKo and I would like to continue working for you. Uni can be so much more than just sitting in front of BBB and has to also be designed for outside the online world. Therefore, I´m happy about every single vote!
Bild Carl-Jim
Carl-Jim Bohlen
Urbanistik B.Sc.Cordial welcome:
- Moin 🚀
Core part:
- I was annoyed by situations regarding the university, but complaining usually doesn't solve the problem
- Would like to understand and shape the process of university policy
- Representing crucial interests of students (additional workspaces; customizing of courses and much more)
Common information:
- Year of manufacture 97
- Birth in the "real north"
- craving the exclusive champagne-mate-mixture
- always down to talk
- Big train and bike enthusiast
- Thanks
- Go vote
- and always a hand's breadth of water under the keel
Bild Johanna
Johanna Roth
Architektur B.Sc.Hey people!
My name is Johanna Roth, 21, and am studying architecture. As a bachelors student in second semestre, I am quite new to our university and would like to learn more about the structures of its politics. In the FsR I would like to contribute to the improvement of our everyday university life and advocate for a socially and ecologically sustainable university policy. I believe it‘s important that the students are a lot more involved in the decision-making process in a participatory manner. Topics like open space design, communication, climate justice and equality in society are important to me. In order to push the importance of these topics at our university I would love to take part in the FsR. Please vote for me :)
Bild Roman
Roman Müller
Urbanistik B.Sc.Hey there,
My name is Roman and I am 22 years old. I study Urbanistics in the second semester. Originally I am from Berlin, but I´ve lived in Hamburg and Almaty as well. I enjoy being around people and I want to create a space without any kind of discrimination.
I would like to make this possible by creating an alternative space that allows participation and networking in spite of the pandemic. This is supposed to improve life around uni in a political and cultural way. Additionally, an integrative development at the university and the climate crisis are of great importance to me.
All of these topics shape my motivation and should have highest priority at our university.
To getting things done!
Bild Maximilian
Maximilian Hoffmann
Urbanistik B.Sc.Yes! - University elections are coming up again. "Nice! But what the hell does that have to do with me?", some will say. - Actually, quite a lot. Your student representation in the Senate, FsRs, Faculty Councils, and the StuKo is key for integrating the students perspective(s) into processes and organizing stuff that is important to all of us: Appointment committees that help decide on future profs; Reaccreditations of degree programs, where the module plan is renegotiated; Organized critique of what doesn't work; ... the gingerbread house contest .... Therefore, I would like to represent you in the next legislative period in the Student Council A&U as well as in the Faculty Council A&U! I am happy about every vote. :)
Bild Valentin
Valentin von der Haar
Urbanistik B.Sc.Heyho,
once again, I'm fundamentally overwhelmed by writing a simple text like this one… I've been studying urbanism for quite a while now and will stay here a little longer. I had a lot of fun in the FsR and StuKo last year and I'd like to go for one more. I still think student participation is important and believe that it's gone quite well so far, but there's always room for improvement. There were also some frustrating moments, but I think that's part of it. I'd be happy if you’d vote for me, no pressure though! Kind regards!
Bild Nikolas
Nikolas Peschel
Urbanistik B.Sc.Hey everybody, I’m Nikolas, in my 4th semester of Urban Studies and I generally think, that representative democracy can always be just a first step towards real participation culture. But, how do they say? ”Take the chance you don’t have!” So, being a „FSR-freshman“, I would like to be a part of discursive, even controversial decision making. We, the students, are the university´s majority, which is important to keep in mind. But in my opinion it’s even more important to pay attention on everyone’s weal: To live and let live, meaning the mental terms aswell. For these reasons, it’s important to me to participate in the democratic culture and to develop it.
Bild Marvin
Marvin Krämer
Urbanistik M.Sc.The last two years have fundamentally changed studies, campus and our university life. Many now know the BBB room better than the seminar room and the M18. As drastic as the restrictions are for us especially, we should not settle for a simple 'back to normal'. Students demand more space and co-determination and yet are still often the last to be asked and the first to be forgotten. Many decisions for the future development of our university are currently being made and require a strong student voice. The last two years in university politics have shown me that this is possible - with persistence, understanding and despite digital isolation. That's why I would like to continue to make our student interests heard during this time.
Bild Lisa-Marie
Lisa-Marie Kramer
Urbanistik B.Sc.Dear all,
I'm Lisa-Marie and I'm in the 6th semester of urban studies. For three years I have been able to be part of a wonderful student community! Now it is time for me, to step out of the passive role and become an active part, so I can help to shape everyday life on and off campus. I look forward to get to know your concerns and develop new ideas with the FSR and- most important- you. I would like to ensure, that all the voices at the university are heard. Last but not least, I would like to ensure the long overdue sensitization of the mental health situation of students, which was particularly influenced by the past year.
Bild Enya
Enya Christeleit
Urbanistik B.Sc.Hi, my name is Enya and I’m currently studying urban planning in the second semester. I’m of the opinion that especially during the online semester it’s important that our interests as students are represented in the university policy. We need to improve the communication between us, the students, and the University and between the different faculties. I’d like to participate in the FsR to work on these processes and to represent your ideas.
Bild Anna Paulina
Anna Paulina Graf
Urbanistik B.Sc.Hey, I’m Anna! I study Urban Studies in the 2. semester and I actually don’t know what studying without Corona feels like. But instead of complaining about BBB and digital lectures I rather make the most of it and shape the time ahead of us. That’s why I would be super happy to be part of our student self-adminstration, represent you guys and make our uni to a lively place for all of us! So far I’ve been trying to spread some positive energy in the „New European Bauhaus“ project and the „Ideenlabor“ of the university and the Klassik Stiftung Weimar. Now I want to give us students a voice – and maybe you give me your vote for that? See you, Anna!
Bild Hanna
Hanna Tost
Urbanistik B.Sc.Hello everybody,
My name is Hanna, I'm 22 years old and am studying urban studies in the 4th semester. I would be happy to become a part of the FSR because I'd like to learn about students opportunities to participate in higher education policy.
Bild Lena
Lena Prade
Urbanistik B.Sc.Hello! I'm Lena and I'm in my 6th semester of Urban Studies. Instead of studying abroad, I'm currently in Hamburg and I'm looking forward to being back in Weimar in September! Until then, committee work works online at the moment anyways - I was already in the student council for one round and I'm looking forward to a second legislature, in which we hopefully don't have to deal with online teaching as much and can devote ourselves to other things again - with a lot of motivation and joint council power!
Bild Philipp
Philipp Havemann
Urbanistik B.Sc.Hi, I'm Philipp. I study Urbanistik in the 6th Semester and I apply for the student representatives. Why? I imagine it to be like this:
- Together with many great people you can work on improving campus sustainability initiatives and help them to organize on a larger scale. In the future it shouldn't be something special for designs and concepts to be sustainable, it should be normal.
- You can accompany the Appliance of the University at the EU-Bauhaus-competition and we can use in it to increase pressure in this field.
- at the same time you probably recognize that every little step is a whole lot of work and the structure itself requires lots of time and work. Understanding that this is probably part of every democratic structure, it's even more important to work cooperatively and decidedly in this urgent matter.
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