Student Council Elections 2021 – Candidates B

counted ballots: 176
voter turnout: 15,5% (total: 15,5%)

104 votes Malik Muhammad Ahmad (M.Sc. NHRE)
068 votes Cathleen Dost (B.Sc. Bauing. [KUB])
067 votes Shiva Sankar Labhala (M.Sc. NHRE)
061 votes Julia Engst (B.Sc. Management)
052 votes Ali Askari (B.Sc. Bauingenieurwesen)
052 votes Stina Amrhein (B.Sc. Management)
052 votes Emin Dazdarevic (B.Sc. Bauingenieurwesen)
023 votes Henry Kirste (B.Sc. Management)
020 votes Pascal Amaury Schwörer (B.Sc. Bauingenieurwesen)

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Bild Cathleen
Cathleen Dost
Bauingenieurwesen B.Sc. [KUB]Hello everyone, my name is Cathleen, I'm 23 years old and I'm studying civil engineering. Last year, as a student council representative, I already got a good insight into university life with all its structures and politics. Especially during the Corona semester, I noticed how much the student council can actually achieve and now I would like to get the opportunity to be committed to you for another legislature. I am very motivated to make everyday life at the university more lively and to create a space for you to study together in a happy and open atmosphere. With your vote, I will shape another year together with you!
BIld Ali
Ali Askari
Bauingenieurwesen B.Sc.[text missing]
Bild Pascal Amaury
Pascal Amaury Schwörer
Bauingenieurwesen B.Sc.Hello everyone,
My name is Pascal, I am 27 years old and I am currently in the fourth semester of my civil engineering studies. In my former studies of theology I was already active in the student self-administration. I am currently also active in the initiative "Kollektiv Raumstation". By participating in the student self-administration, I want to help to improve the cooperation between students of different faculties and also grasp the interests and concerns of students, particularly concerning the regulations currently in place.
Bild Malik Muhammad
Malik Muhammad Ahmad
Natural Hazards and Risks in Structural Engineering M.Sc.Hello! My name is Malik Muhammad Ahmad (28 years old) from Pakistan. I am in my second semester of the Natural Hazards and Risks in Structural Engineering master’s program here at Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar. I am a very dedicated individual and holder of a DAAD Scholarship, which conveys my diligence to everything that I am involved in. For this reason, I will be participating in the upcoming student council elections.
I believe that it is very important for the ideas and opinions of students to be conveyed at the administrative level of our university. With the help of your vote in the upcoming elections, I will have the opportunity to represent my fellow students in all decisions that are important to us. I hope to count with your support in the upcoming student council elections!
Thank You!!
Bild Shiva Sankar
Shiva Sankar Labhala
Natural Hazards and Risks in Structural Engineering M.Sc.Hello everyone, My name is Shiva Sankar Labhala. I am from India I am currently pursuing my masters in NHRE, 2nd Semester. I am running for student council because I have associated with the program from the very first day and have noticed how important it is that every student opinion is heard.
As a person, I am easily approachable and you will be able to share your opinions to me openly and I know that I will try to understand and connect to your ideas.
I am a very sincere and courageous person. I want to be your voice to take your ideas to the council.
I believe in the words “The strength of a pack is a wolf and the strength of a wolf is the pack”. I want you all to be my strength as we work forward. It will be an honour to represent you all and will be very happy with your support and vote.
Bild Stina
Stina Amrhein
Management [Bau Immobilien Infrastruktur] B.Sc.Hello faculty B,
I'm Stina, 23 years old from Hanau and am now studying Management [BII] in my fourth semester.
I was already part of the FsR B for one legislature and I don't want to let you down in the coming semesters either.
Therefore my focus is not only on fun activities such as the organization of the freshmen week or (hopefully again soon) relaxed events for Faculty B, but also on the things that do not work out as planned in the digital semester.
Together with the FsR B, I would like to give you a good feeling in the legislature 2021/22 despite the online semester and hopefully more of you to get involved - because the best way to improve something is by helping to shape it yourself!
Bild Emin
Emin Dazdarevic
Bauingenieurwesen B.Sc.Hello dear civil engineers,
In the last 3 years I have learned a lot. Not only about sciences like Maths and Mechanics, but also what it means for me and my fellow students to study and organize the daily life in university. Surely studying and knowledge plays a big part, but so does learning from each other and gather as a community.
As a tutor, I‘ve led the first years through an adventurous first week and together with the organizers, I gave a lot of input for its implementation. The realization of this project and the collaboration with my fellow students, motivated me to support elements of culture, community and initiatives.
That’s why I want to contribute my creative ideas and improve our situation despite corona.
Bild Julia
Julia Engst
Management [Bau Immobilien Infrastruktur] B.Sc.Hello everyone and here we go again! Last year, I was not only allowed to be part of the student council already, but was also sent to the StuKo as a board member for our faculty.
I am applying again because student participation is very important at our university and our voice should not be silence. Corona and the associated online teaching is exhausting and presents us with a number of old and new challenges. It is important to me to create a fair framework and to facilitate an exchange between faculty, university staff, (...) and us students, so that together we can make the most of these special times. And finally, the most important thing: the Student Council is there for you, always has an open ear for you and finds a solution for every problem!
Bild Henry
Henry Kirste
Management [Bau Immobilien Infrastruktur] B.Sc.Hi, my Name is Henry Kirste, i am 23 Years old and i am studying Management [Bau Immobilien Infrastruktur] at the Bauhaus University. I am a trained Electrican that had the honor to be the JAV (Represention for youth and trainees in a Company) so i could already gather some experience in representing other studying electricans before decisionmaking entities.
Therefore i would be glad to represent you aswell here in the Fachschaftsrat.