Student Council Elections 2021 – Candidates K&G

counted ballots: 106
voter turnout: 12,9% (total: 15,5%)

63 votes Cora Groos (Diplom Freie Kunst)
63 votes Christina Krauß (Lehramt Doppelfach Kunsterziehung)
44 votes Lola Behrens (B.A. Produktdesign)
36 votes Andreas Schwab (B.A. Visuelle Kommunikation)
36 votes Hanna Hofmann (B.A. Visuelle Kommunikation)
31 votes Esther Betz (B.A. Produktdesign)
30 votes Clara Bernhard (Diplom Freie Kunst)
27 votes Elsa Babtist (B.A. Visuelle Kommunikation)
27 votes Anna Lina Weiß (B.A. Visuelle Kommunikation)
26 votes Alina Warsinsky (B.A. Produktdesign)
22 votes Lucia Lippold (B.A. Visuelle Kommunikation)
12 votes Annika Daub (B.A. Visuelle Kommunikation)

You can check the results by using our voting software or the proceedings of the ballot count meeting.

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Bild Esther
Esther Betz
Produktdesign B.A.[text missing]
Bild Clara
Clara Bernhard
Freie Kunst Dipl.During the past winter semester, I learned to appreciate working in the student council and the faculty council. I was able to raise many issues that were close to my heart and that of others, and I learned a lot about the structures within the university. I would therefore be very happy if I could continue to represent you and the students' interests!
If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send me an email at any time!
Bild Lola
Lola Behrens
Produktdesign B.A.Hey, I´m Lola, I love some Spunk-cake and am thrilled about the Weimar-sharing-culture. I study product design in the 4th semester and I would like to use this opportunity to become familiar with the universitary-internal structures. Within that I am looking forward to advocating and standing up for your wishes in the student council. See you soon!
Bild Alina
Alina Warsinsky
Produktdesign B.A.Hey, I'm Alina, a 6th-semester product design student and my favorite place to be at BBB meetings is in the garden. I'm interested in actively shaping university politics and I'm looking forward to representing your positions and interests. Especially important to me is a good exchange among students of different semesters and study programs, accessibility in the university context, and equal opportunities.
Bild Andreas
Andreas Schwab
Visuelle Kommunikation B.A.Hey, I'm Andy (Andreas Schwab).
I'm 22 years old, full of motivation and energy.
I am studying VK in the second semester.
But I would love to study every course at the Bauhaus, haha.
What makes Bauhaus special? The exchange!
Through Corona, many experiences and encounters are not possible.
I would like to help close the gaps that exist for many fellow students.
What are my goals?
- An increased exchange between Germans and non-Germans.
- Stronger networking between the different departments and deepening of joint cooperation.
- crowdFINDING Creating a space where everyone can share their ideas on specific topics and projects to look for companions.
Bild Annika
Annika Daub
Visuelle Kommunikation B.A.Who am I and what do I do:
My name is Annika Daub, I'm 19 years old and I'm in my 2nd semester of Visual Communication.
What are my goals:
I definitely want to continue to promote the warm and welcoming culture and make additional offers around my studies possible. The communication between the students and the university is an important aspect and very enriching. I would like to take your concerns and wishes to the student council. Not having been at the university for a very long time, I hope that I can bring a breath of fresh air with me and look forward to new experiences.
Bild Lucia
Lucia Lippold
Visuelle Kommunikation B.A.Hey! I’m Amelie Lucia, almost 21, studying visual communications in the 2. semester, but I already am a bit longer at Bauhaus University.
Compared to my first semester of media culture, which I started to study before the pandemic, I realize how much of the things happening on and around campus get missing these days. And with that all the opportunities we have.
Therefore I would like to commit myself to better communication among us, to not let the togetherness, opportunities, and diversity get left behind. So that our time at the Bauhaus remains to be as colorful as it should be.
Bild Elsa
Elsa Babtist
Visuelle Kommunikation B.A.Hola, I'm Elsa, one of the Kirschbachtal lovers and you can always find me on the road with my analogue camera. I'm currently in my 4th semester of Visual Communication. I really want to get more active for our common student life and our wishes and make them more heard. Especially the exchange within our faculty and their networking is important to me. I'm curious to help shape the future and want to be a committed voice for you. tot ziens!
Bild Cora
Cora Groos
Freie Kunst Dipl.My name is Cora Groos and I've been studying in Weimar for two years now.
Actually, I wanted to be part last time, but I lacked the courage.
However, I have collected it and am ready! Before Weimar, I was in Hanover and did a lot of political work there.
I don't want to linger in complaining, I want to be active again, discuss, change and understand. What makes me the most? My laugh and my curiosity about life:)
I am happy to represent fine art politically.
Bild Christina
Christina Krauß
Lehramt Doppelfach KunsterziehungHello dear people,
I'm Christina (or Chrisi), 20 years old and have been studying art education here at the Bauhaus University since WiSe19 / 20. I was thinking about getting involved at the university for a while and until now I wasn't quite sure how. With my candidacy, I would like to use the opportunity to contribute my perspectives and opinions at university level and, above all, to represent the teaching profession. As a teenager, I already worked on a voluntary basis in youth work committees and can therefore use my experience. I value open and honest communication very much and I’m very looking forward to new discussions.
Bild Hanna
Hanna Hofmann
Visuelle Kommunikation B.A.Hello, I’m Hanna 20 years young and am currently studying Visual Communication in my 4th Semester.
I have collected some experience in student council work already, as I’ve been part of the last StuKo and FsR, where I learned, that even though it’s time-consuming, it’s very important for us students to be engaged in our University.
A bit about me: I love baking bread and can be seen running around Weimar and its Parks in Jogging shoes or with a camera in Hand.
I’d love to represent your interests this Legislation as well and to help shape the work of the FsR!
Bild Anna Lina
Anna Lina Weiß
Visuelle Kommunikation B.A.Hello Weimar! My name is Anni, I'm 23 and I study Visual Communication in the fourth semester. In my free time i sew and read a lot, cook with friends and bake bread AT LEAST as good as Hanna's! I was already in the FSR last year and what I like most about it is to communicate and organise things across faculties and courses.
I'd be looking forward to joining for another year :)