Student Council Elections 2021 – Candidates M

counted ballots: 90
voter turnout: 12,5% (total: 15,5%)

69 votes Alban Bruder (B.Sc. Medieninformatik)
56 votes Tillmann Heide (M.A. Medienwiss.)
48 votes Lea Höpfner (B.Sc. Medieninformatik)
46 votes Elisa Kluge (B.Sc. Informatik)
41 votes Margarita Osipova (M.Sc. Human-Computer Interaction)
40 votes Nils Durner (B.Sc. Informatik)
38 votes Hannah Bussmann (B.Sc. Medieninformatik)
34 votes Rizky Risman (M.Sc. Comp. Science)
25 Stimmen Patricia Kabisch-Jauck (B.Sc. Medieninformatik)
24 votes Aaron Kammer (B.Sc. Informatik)
21 votes Tobias Friedel (B.Sc. Informatik)

You can check the results by using our voting software or the proceedings of the ballot count meeting.

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Bild Alban
Alban Bruder
Medieninformatik B.Sc.My name is Alban, I am 23 years old and I study Medieninformatik (media computer science) in my 6th semester. I have one year of experience in the student council and StuKo and I am committed to independent and transparent work of the student council. It is important to me to strengthen the cooperation between the faculties and to make the participation in the student council more attractive again.
Bild Nils
Nils Durner
Informatik B.Sc.Hi, I am Nils and I'm studying B.Sc. Computer Science at BUW.
I was already part of the student council in the last semester. There I was able to learn a lot from the students from higher semesters and influence university politics with them. In the new legislative period, I would like to work especially for more cross-faculty meetings and defend the interests of our student council and give it more volume in the university.
Bild Lea
Lea Höpfner
Medieninformatik B.Sc.Thank you for taking a moment to read my introduction!
My name is Lea and I am currently in my fourth semester of Media Informatics here at Bauhaus University. I was already a member of the FsR during the last legislature and I am also actively working as a mentor and eTutor for a good cooperation at this university. With the additional experience from last year, I would now like to run again as a candidate to continue to support our students. Above all, good communication within the university is very important to me and I am always open to questions. So feel free to leave me a vote :3
Bild Patricia
Patricia Kabisch-Jauck
Medieninformatik B.Sc.Hi, I'm Pa. I've been living in Weimar for a year now and I'm studying at the Bauhaus University. I'm currently in my fourth semester of studying computer science and was already active in the student council and as a mentor during the last term. Since I had a lot of fun I would like to run again as a candidate for the student council. I would be happy if you vote for me.
Bild Elisa
Elisa Kluge
Informatik B.Sc.To the international students:
Last year I was able to gain a lot of experience as a member of the student council and also the media faculty council and would like to bring this knowledge to bear in another legislature. In addition, I’m representing you for a short time on the University and Student Advisory Board of the City of Weimar. Important topics for me are:
• a university corona policy that does not discriminate against students - especially in the examination phases
• a concept against student loneliness during the pandemic
• more attention to mental health in studies
• make it easier for international students to work on university committees
Bild Rizky
Rizky Risman
Computer Science for Digital Media M.Sc.My name is Rizky, I’m from Indonesia and I mostly grew up in Qatar. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Indonesia last year right before everything went into lockdown and now, I’m in my first semester as a Master student in Computer Science for Digital Media (CS4DM). During my Bachelors I enjoy participating in several student organizations and occasionally volunteer work outside. I believe being part of the student council is a great opportunity to come together, connect, exchange great ideas and organize events for all students to enjoy. I can only hope that we’ll see the end of this pandemic very soon so that we students can have our normal social life back.
Bild Hannah
Hannah Bussmann
Medieninformatik B.Sc.[text missing]
Bild Tobias
Tobias Friedel
Informatik B.Sc.Hi, I’m Tobi, 23 years old and I’m from Würzburg (ca. 200 km southwest of Weimar). I also got my bachelors degree in Media and Communication there. Right now I’m enrolled in the Informatics B.Sc. to visit some required courses, in order to change to the master Human-Computer-Interaction next semester. I was active for Amnesty International a good amount of time and thus logically human rights are an issue that are close to my heart. This might sound a bit over the top at first, but human rights include issues like ensuring equal and fair opportunities for everybody and protection from discrimination and I think those are areas that are relevant everywhere!
Bild Margarita
Margarita Osipova
Human-Computer Interaction M.Sc.Hi, I am Margarita. Russian girl doing my master's degree in HCI. I came to Germany last semester and went through all adventures of a total newbie in Weimar in Covid times. I was pretty lucky to figure out how things work here and to find amazing friends. But it still feels like pure luck. And, I believe, that it is a student councils job to help students, especially from other countries, to be luckier with this matter. By giving more information and helping along the way.
I used to be an active member of a faculty student council during my bachelor's: student onboarding, social events, study guidance... And now I want to participate more in making our lives here less stressed and more fun.
Bild Tillmann
Tillmann Heide
Medienwissenschaft M.A.I’m Tillmann, student of media science M.A., and if I had to choose my favourite media my choice would be language. Right now, we have to make use of language more than ever to compensate for the missing presence – we talk so much and still not everything gets said. In the student council I would like to develop possibilities to let You speak in one way or another, to represent Your voice and depict it representatively. I would like to know your wishes, needs, sorrows and problems and show You, the student body, how You are feeling right now. Because then we can pull together.
Bild Aaron
Aaron Kammer
Informatik B.Sc.My name is Aaron Kammer and I am a second semester computer science student. I am running for the Fachschaftsrat because I would like to support the students in such a stressful and challenging time like the Corona pandemic. So far, I do not have any specific goals that I would like to accomplish during the term. However, I am interested in supporting the Student Council as much as I can.