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#BUWählt 2024 – only four days left to vote

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Ref Öffi

Ref Öffi

Dear students,

the countdown is on! In four days, the elections for the FachschaftsRat 2024 will begin and you can vote. Especially this year - the super election year in Germany and Europe - every democratic vote is an important sign. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of increasing voter turnout and getting at least 2,000 students to vote. And the best thing is: voting is super easy! You can use the profiles to

get a good picture of our candidates and you can vote online in just 5 minutes - without a long queue at the ballot box. We would be very happy if you could support us. Thank you very much :)

After registration until the week before last, we have the following number of candidates ready for you:

FsR AU: 14
FsR BU: 17
FsR M: 15
FsR KG: 12

Here you can get to know the other candidates via profiles.

You can find the link for the election here. (We will remind you again on May 17).

Thank you for taking part.

Your StuKo

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